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Like it’s popularly said- the devil is in the details, it holds true when it comes to matching your favorite fashion Jewellery with your outfit. One tiny discrepancy while matching your outfit with your Jewellery set can espionage the look of the entire outfit and hence it is safe to assume that matching the right imitation Jewellery with the outfit is very important and Fashion for Sure in today’s blog would give you an insight about what would work and top imitation Jewellery collections to have in 2020.


Over the recent years with the growth in the Fashion Industry and a surge in the demand for Fashion products, one thing that has stood out is the demand for the stylish/designer earrings amongst the consumers. Earrings hands down are the most easiest product to choose and is something which catches attention of the person you’re meeting at first glance and hence it becomes all the more important to not go wrong while making a choice. In the recent years, the fashion trends have evolved and the story is the same for earrings.

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15 years back, Bundy Earrings or studs of very small size worked tremendously as consumers were not very fashionably outgoing, but over the years with consumers becoming more fashionably literate, fancy earrings like Low Top earrings, big tassels earrings, colorful and designer earrings have done tremendously well. According to the experts at Fashion For Sure- Pearl Earrings is something, which has been in, and trending forever, it is earrings with the simplest design and yet looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with any kind of outfit. It is a kind of earring set Fashion for Sure would recommend its consumers for their collection, which can also be paired with daily wear. One other type of earring, which we’ve seen coming back in trend, is Hoops, which is again a type of earring with minimalist craftwork but yet leaves the consumers drooling over its aesthetic value. Hoops go with almost all casual outfits and it has been seen complimenting a casual outfit like Denims and shirts or Long Dresses. One-must have earring type for traditional outfits is Jhumka Earrings, it is found to be the best paired earring when it comes to matching traditional outfits like Anarkalis, Lehngas and sarees.


With the evolution in the Fashion and the changing consumer trends, necklaces as a fashion product has also gone through a paradigm shift when it comes to its designs and what used to work 20 years back and how that has changed. Plain gold necklaces/neck-chains of a shorter length used to be the only choice for daily use and heavy traditional gold necklaces was the go to choice for special occasions but over the years that has changed. Consumers have become more acceptable to try new things and that can been seen with the different types of necklaces now available and in trend.

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The top picks when it comes to necklaces suggested by the experts at Fashion For Sure are Pendent and Layered necklaces, long length contemporary necklaces and crystal-pearl necklaces. Fashion for Sure feels all the types of necklaces suggested above covers the entire spectrum and each type goes with a particular set of outfits, for example- Pendent and Layered necklaces look beautiful and compliment day-light outfits with breezy colors, it gives the best look when combined with simple and casual outfits. Long Length Contemporary necklaces add aesthetic value to our evening wear and look gorgeous on party wear outfits. It has the western feel attached to it and when combined with a night gown or dress it ‘s ensemble goes through the roof.


One another important piece of accessory that is a must have for your wardrobe and ensemble’s entourage is Bracelets. Having a collection of simple and minimalist bracelet accentuates our simple appearance in an unmatched way. Having a bracelet collection in Rose-gold, gold and silver colors are inevitable for pairing with your outfits. It is important to mix and match your bracelets with the different outfits that you may have. Like for example the experts at Fashion For Sure suggest, Silver Plated Imitation Bracelet suits the best for your daily wear outfits and it looks slick on casual wear, whereas the experts feel gold-colored imitation bracelet look the best on traditional outfits like Lehngas, sarees or day-time special occasions. The bright gold shade bracelet looks slick when combined with these types of outfits. Fashion experts feel that rose gold because of it’s unique color and a tangy touch compliments eveningwear and goes the best with outfits worn at night for parties. It also compliments Mehendi and outfits for other daytime occasions but look the best on breezy colored outfits like orange, yellow, pink or pastel colors.

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