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The Trend of Dangle and Drop Earrings

Did you know, earrings have been popular since 7000 years?

In the ancient times earrings were a symbol of higher status and significance of wealth. Through these years, it has become a symbol of womanhood and a sign of identification. It has become a necessary part of accessorizing and making our outfit stand out. The designs of earrings have also evolved with time, different companies have come up with technologies to produce earrings with intricate and alluring designs. There are two major categories of earrings; the dangle and the drop earrings.

Dangle Earrings

Now, here the question arises,

What are dangle earrings?

As the name implies dangle earrings are those that hang on the hook and swing to and fro from side and side or around. They hang below the earlobes and move. It comes in different sizes and lengths, depending on the style of the earring. Some can be short and some can be long enough that can brush your shoulders. Some can be just a chain hanging down from the hook with a gemstone or a bead at the end of it. Some come in multiple layers that can branch off from the hook with equal or unequal length.

Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings are those that ‘drop’ just below the earlobe. The drop is mostly a simple attachment like a gemstone, bead or charm dropping. The drop piece is attached with an ‘O-ring’ with the hanger used for the drop earrings. The earrings may slightly drop below the earlobe but they are mostly stationary and do not move. The closure used for drop earrings are mostly posts or studs. The hook closure can also make an earring in one piece which holds an ornament piece and also acts as a closure.

Can you get a dangle and drop one earring?

Definitely yes! Sometimes you can find earrings with a combination of both the dangle and drop. As for the difference, a dangle can be a drop but a drop cannot be a dangle. When you go for a dangle and drop earring, the earring can be an ornament drop from the earring base and an additional chain that dangles with gemstones, charms or beads to the end.

How to go with the trend?

There are very simple things that you can keep in mind while selecting an earring. A simple earring with diamond beads as drops can be a go to earring for when you want to keep it simple yet sophisticated. There are different shapes that you choose from depending on your style. Other factors that can make you look chic are:

  1. Occasion – The choice of your earring is based up on the occasion you are going to attend. For formal occasions like offices, drops can be a great choice as it is light and can be less distracting while you do serious work out there. Dangles can be chosen for occasions like weddings, parties or clubbing. The dangles will give an oomph factor to your outfit and also the confidence to flaunt it. Dangles are a great way to show off some moves too and dance your heart out!
  2. Length – As the earrings come in different lengths, testing the strength of your earlobes is essential. You do not want to hurt yourself when you are out there for something important or attending events. Nowadays, if you wish to wish to wear long length earrings and save your earlobes from hurting; that is by being light on them, tassel earrings are a great option.
  3. Closures – Keeping the earring secured is also very important especially when it’s your favorite and expensive. The closure needs to be tight enough to keep the earring in place and help you not lose them. Usually drops have post or studs; or push-back clips.
  4. Style – Your personal style is what makes you unique. You would want to feel yourself when you put on something that screams about you. The purpose is to choose the right earring for you, for the occasion that you make you more involved in it rather than make you feel distracted for not choosing your style.
  5. Comfort – Last but not the least, it’s your comfort that matters the most. While purchasing an earring, consider what makes you comfortable. Dangles can be quite heavy while the drops usually are lightweight, so choose wisely!

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